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Common mistakes that damage one’s personal brand

Personal branding is very powerful because it sends a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you have to offer. A strong, authentic personal brand helps one become known for what they are good at, sets them apart from everyone else, and can position them as a niche expert.

Oftentimes, we fail to protect our brands as individuals because we have become reluctant of certain things. As we begin the New Year, I strongly believe when it comes to protecting one’s personal brand, the little things that we do as individuals really count.

Here are some of the most frequent mistakes we make that can easily damage our Personal Brands.

  1. Showing up late for meetings
    I believe that b
    eing late is disrespectful especially if one does not communicate. People are so scheduled out these days that if one is ten minutes late they can mess up a whole day’s worth of meetings. Sometimes being late cannot be helped, in which case always have the person’s contact details so you can call or text early and warn them of the delays.
  2. Sloppiness
    In his book Mrs Right, Tony Gaskins Jr. stresses how important it is to dress as you would like to be addressed. These days, it is perfectly normal to show up in jeans and sneakers if one is working at an IT company; however that doesn’t mean one can start wearing sweaters to work and looking like they just came from the gym. If one is not dressed to look their best at work then they won’t be treated the best. I am of the notion that you don’t need to wear a three-piece suit every day, but caring about how you look shows that you care about your work and the people around you too.
  3. Lying
    As a born again Christian, I believe that this is one common mistake that seriously tarnishes one’s personal brand. Proverbs 12: 22 teach us that The Lord detests lying lips but He delights in people who are trustworthy. It is still interesting to see how many people lie at work, on their resumes and in relationships, not knowing that these days’ people have an easy way to check their stories out. Lying badly damages one’s reputation in the end.
  4. Spelling errors and grammar mistakes
    People in today’s world tend to ignore the importance of grammar and spellings. This applies to the emails, documents or messages that we send to bosses, clients, potential investors and colleagues. Just taking a few moments to spell check your emails, documents or a message is very crucial. Failure to do so can easily damage your personal brand as one would look careless and illiterate.
  5. Reading your emails and/messages in meetings
    I believe these days everyone seems to be doing this but it’s terribly offensive to whoever is speaking at that moment or chairing the meeting. Some people never get off their phones once they enter a meeting which is a very bad habit that can easily damage your personal brand.

In conclusion, Warren Buffett is famous for saying that everything you do should be seen through the lens of how you’d feel if you saw it on the front page of a newspaper the next day. In other words, protecting ones brand and doing right every day is very important.

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