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Bridget Edwards is an Emotional Change Catalyst, trained Hospice Caregiver, and author of two self help programs, Anger Gone! How to Defeat Anger Easily and now, Stress Gone! How to Identify and Reduce Stress Easily.

Bridget’s colourful, diverse background truly embellishes her innate abilities. Her common sense approach, practical business mind and ‘out the box thinking’ enables her to skilfully address client’s emotional issues with ease. She’s owned a textile import business, been a successful estate agent and held management positions. As the quintessential ‘student of life’ in search of knowledge and truth, Bridget has continued her personal development education for more than 30 years. Her interests include metaphysics, meditation, health, well-being, complimentary healing modalities, gardening and nature conservation. To compliment this, she’s travelled extensively and enjoyed exposure to numerous cultures. Her favourite adventure was a 10-month overland trip from South Africa through eleven Eastern and Northern African countries. She has mediated in India’s ashrams, and walked approximately 1,000kms along routes of an ancient pilgrimage, ‘The Camino’ through northern Spain.

In 2007, Bridget discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as ‘Tapping’, and immediately began using it in client consultations with astonishing effectiveness. No matter which emotional complexity she is presented with, clients benefit from impressive results from utilising EFT. Today, Bridget focuses on specific key areas in her therapy practise, including anger management, trauma counselling, anxiety, panic attacks, stress management, depression, fears and phobias, grief and loss.

Despite experiencing major hardship as a result of illness, Bridget is an eternal optimist and continues to follow her purpose, sharing her passion.

She thrives on challenge, pushing through boundaries and limitations to gain knowledge and experience.

Bridget has also successfully completed South Africa’s Comrades Marathon (89kms), Two Oceans Marathons (56kms), Cape Argus Cycle Tours, and sumitted Mount Kilimanjaro twice! She loves the outdoors, birding, vegetarian food, meditation, sun gazing and walking barefoot in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Natural, authentic and sustainable systems of health and well being inspire her.

Bridget continually strives to live by Mahatma Ghandi’s advice: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’



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