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Liberator of Women, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Writer

Kagiso is passionate about helping people create lives they want. She does this through writing, speaking and her work as a personal growth and transformation coach. She authored the best-selling The Goddess Bootcamp and is the founder of The Goddess Academy – a personal growth organisation for women, a certified life coach and member of COMENSA – Coaches and Mentors of SA.

Kagiso is of the firm belief that your state of being is infinitely more important than the quality of your doing, in achieving success, and this philosophy underpins all her work. Thus in her work she focuses on helping people perceive and overcome the internal barriers that stand in the way of them doing the right things to get the life – love, health, wealth, career, body – they want.

She is particularly passionate about working with women, and educating men and women alike on the virtues of feminine energy. She was the first woman in Africa to be a certified IAW Facilitator-Coach, a life coaching protocol especially designed for coaching women. She is also an advocate of Emotional Freedom Technique (a counseling intervention that draws on acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy) which she uses extensively in her coaching and workshops.

Kagiso has a loyal fan base (around social media, her blog, magazine columns, and radio feature) attracted by her quirky, frank, simple and humorous delivery of complex concepts that are enabling, empowering and thus liberating.


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