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Martin is a respected consultant to senior executives and leaders across many industries. He is well known for accelerating his clients’ road to success by uniquely tailoring his transformational coaching techniques to his clients’ requirements.

Martin’s bespoke consultancy focuses on enhancing all aspects of his clients’ lives. His unique ability to coach, create, restructure and innovate in times of transition as well as his skills in steering his clients on a fast track to achieving their goals, keep him in high demand in his circles of influence, often leaving a waiting list for his one to one services.

Martin’s 1% success strategies and his refinement of the 80/20 principle to bring forward the 99/1 method has been developed by successfully solving the challenges of some of the most succesful individuals and organisations and his methodology continues to enable his clients to achieve specific short and long term success on individual projects as well as organisational change and transformation with higher levels of inspiration, motivation and drive.

Martin has advised and worked with

  • Top government representatives
    Chief executives of investment banks
    Global fund managers
    Highly successful entrepreneurs
    Wealth investment consultants
    Innovators in the charitable sector
    Also has A list celebrity clients from Film
    And Music.

Founder of The Progressive Academy

Martin is the Founder of The Progressive Academy, a fully accredited ILM (Institute for Leadership and Management) training provider, which offers internationally recognised courses to business professionals and those wishing to become leaders and coaches themselves. He also developed a team of coaches who work with various corporate companies, such as

  • Apple
    Barclays Capital
    The Virgin Group
    Deutsche Bank
    Goldman Sachs

Founder of THE CLUB London
Martin is also the Founder and Chair of ‘The Club London’, which is a premiere, off-market members only club, based in the heart of Mayfair. Its members are a mix of international philanthropists, ultra high net worth individuals and corporate seniors.

Becoming one of Martin’s clients
To successfully apply to become one of Martin’s clients and start the coaching process allows access to a world of cutting edge knowledge, opportunities and – most importantly – the fast track to key outcomes, goals and objectives.

This a rare opportunity and the experience of working with Martin refreshes and accelerates clients’ natural abilities to bring out the very best in themselves and continously attract more of the right opportunities, people and resource.

Martin Also coaches and advises the Founder and CEO of this High end property company based in Mayfair that deal with properties starting from 20m Residential  to 650m commercial as well bring him the right tier of clients he has also assisted him to create a parallel business with his top 20% tier of ultra high net worth clients in  bespoke off Market global events.

Martins Intro video

Graham Rowan The British wealth investor who was invited to speak at the UN Global initiative last year after Martin’s guidance Was so impressed with the training and the knowledge that he received from Martin after this clip he invite his personal clients and own business data base to invest in the training for there own personal and business development.

Danny Williams: The British and Commonwealth Heavyweight boxing Champion and the first Brit to K.O. Mike Tyson. Talks about his experience with Martin

He is very intriguing character that has managed to stay under radar of the mass public by being at the top of his game with his 1% clients. He’s smooth approach and relax style helps clients to establish there goals and moves them to there outcomes in record time.

Lifestyle: He has three children two boys and one girl which he likes to take on international travel adventures. Socially he is very well networked and enjoys F1  in Monaco and the Middle East and often hosts dinners for his personal clients on the most prestigious yachts in Monaco.


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