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Chris Styles is wholly committed to guiding ambitious, high performing, results driven people who:

  1. Desire to learn how to deliberately create and sustain phenomenal performance levels.
  2. Want to understand how to consistently deliver exceptional results.
  3. Are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the life and business success which others only ever dream of.

If you are looking for a proven professional who will guide you how to:

  1. Turn your greatest imagined success fantasies into organized theories, which then become factual, visible results.
  2. Shape your everyday thoughts and behaviours into laser sharp actions, which create sustained phenomenal performance.
  3. Deliberately create, plan for, receive and enjoy the life and business success, which many mistakenly think is the exclusive domain of the super-wealthy.

My Why

What thrills me about what I do, is the knowledge that inside you lies all the genius and resourcefulness required to create whatever it is that you desire. Once you’ve learned how to correctly apply the precise laws of organized thought you will lead a charmed, purpose-driven life and be of tremendous service to humanity..

What sets me apart from other professional service providers is not my privileged formal University education, but the education I received at the hand of Life. I have won big and I have lost big. I have been down and out and know exactly what it feels like to be counted out like a boxer who has hit the canvas; to be counted out by absolutely everyone around you who believe you’ve been hit so hard, that you’re done for.


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