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One of the great writers in South Africa, Thapelo Lekala, wrote a book titled “Success is a Choice.” Another writer, Malibongwe Xaba, wrote a book titled “All things are possible.”

Why am I mentioning these two books, specially? The reason is simple, the titles of these books speak volumes. Even before you can even open the first pages of both the books, you already have the facts. And the fact is: Success is a Choice. Why? Because all things are possible!!!

I like asking this question. I think everybody should ask him/her self this question every time they go through life. Every time we undergo life circumstances, big or small, we need to ask ourselves this crucial question. So what is it going to be? So what are you going to do about it?

Now that things are not going well in your life, now that everything you touch seems to be falling apart, now that everything you try to do doesn’t seem to materialize, what are you going to do about it?

What happens when the people around you succeed in life? When your peers achieve something that you haven’t achieved and when they acquire things you wish to acquire? What happens when your close friends get paying jobs, buy cars and start living a lavish lifestyle? What happens when they build or buy beautiful houses for themselves and their families? How does seeing your neighbor achieve so much makes you feel? What happens when your little brother or sister starts a successful business and move forth in life while you are still hustling and struggling?

Words with no action mean nothing but action with no direction means just as much.

You can travel on any road in the quest of finding that cent that will help you survive or you can just sit down, reflect, analysis and find the millionaire that lives in you.

Opportunities are thrown at us all the time, challenges are already set out for us and failure on the road to success is the inevitable. All we need to do is take the risk, use the opportunities, conquer the challenges, fail just so you can succeed and find the millionaire that lives in us.

The etymology of the term leader-ship originates from the ancient root word ‘leith’ which simply means ‘to go forth and die’.

Leader-ship in its essence, depicted servant-hood which was indicative of warriors assigned to conquer a battle with an agenda, than lose a war without a calculated deviation point.

As long as you’re connected to the Source, you will have the resources. Stop looking around and start looking within.

Have you ever been moving so fast and you were looking for something, that was already in your possession? Maybe you were looking for your cell phone and it was in your hand, looking for your keys and they were in your pocket or purse all along.

If you are on a quest to find your purpose and your niche in the trade market of life, do understand that you are wasting your time because your purpose was already defined in the Genesis; the beginning of time and space. Human capital has invested insurmountable energy in the process of becoming than harnessing the principle of being.

Hence, the likes of Maya Angelou Know Why The Caged Bird Sings because “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”.

Leadership is not a feather that can easily be placed in everyone’s cap and when considering the profile of a leader, the image of an overly serious, distinguished gentleman or lady most often comes to mind.

That may have been the norm in former years, but as evinced in the evolution of our young democracy, youthful leadership is not only encouraged but also more frequently being realised.

These words were spoken by the great father of our nation Nelson Mandela. In these words I find an incredibly valuable life lesson.

I’m convinced that Tata Mandela uttered these words while reflecting on situations that were more dire and complex than my ‘Model C’ crafted mind can fully fathom however the simple lesson in this uttering speaks volumes to me as a young woman and dare I say: I can relate.

Get up, shake yourself, and get back in the fight. Break out of the box and bless the world, with everything that God gave you.
– Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr.

Who told you that you canʼt make it? Whatʼs holding you back and stopping you from moving forward? You canʼt let what people say to and about you, push you off the path of your purpose. People who will YELL about what you do wrong and only WHISPER about what you do right. At the end of the day, you are your only competition. Make a decision, to be the best YOU that YOU can be!

2012 I didn’t have access to a computer but I wanted to write a book. So I took my 9300 Blackberry and I started writing my story.

The phone was small but I knew what I wanted not having a laptop was not going to stop me.

I then emailed it to my editor after that I published on Createspace(Amazon company). The only amount I used was to pay the editor that all .

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