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NEW BLOG @eddieconnorjr says Your level of focus has everything to do, with stagnation or progression in life. Don’t take detours to destruction, via distractions. Vision gives you clear direction, to avoid detours and distractions altogether…stay focused! When you’re focused, you can still find clarity, when things are cloudy.

Over the past few years several educational systems in Africa, and the world at large, have experienced bad branding. Since Sir Ken Robinson took the stage on a Ted Talk stage and spoke from the heart about our educational systems, appeared that he opened a can of worms.

So last weekend in an unfortunate turn of events, two flat tyres later and more than 200km away from home my partner and I found ourselves stuck in a village of Mzimba in the northern region of Malawi. I’ve seen poverty before but never one of this magnitude because it is not only poverty of the stomach but the mind too, all this combined in one.

Are you continually in toxic relationships, getting your heartbroken, and being left depleted? It’s not always somebody else’s fault. A lot of times we are at fault, because of what we allow people to do to us. You have to teach people how to treat you and not allow them to mistreat you.

“There is a difference between those can do it and those who are doing it” – Bheki Mashaba

Lost in thought.

There was a black child who was the best learner in his class and his classmate, a white child was the second best learner in class – they were competing for the best learner of the year award. The black child wanted the award to simply enhance his chances of getting a bursary while the white child wanted the award for his own pride; he had a trust fund.

There is this common thing about the people who live their dreams and are successful – famous or not. Be it Musicians, athletes, inventors, public figures, biblical icons, entrepreneurs and business gurus. Some have departed but their works and stories remain. That common denominator and glue is “They Never gave up or DON’T Give Up or Give In”!

With just about a month to go, surely many people are asking themselves whether they have achieved their goals or not.  In order for us to overcome the stumbling blocks in life we need to be stubborn. Don’t expect everyone to see your dream because it not everyone that has eyes that see and don’t expect everyone to listen to you because it not everyone that has ears that can hear.

At a very young age I was introduced to the Big Brother Show, by my brother, ironically. Now before I go on, the Big Brother Show is a televised reality show that gives candidates from different paths of life the opportunity to win the hearts of viewers through their personalities and decisions made while in they are in the Big Brother House. In the end, the participant who manages to get the most votes wins a cash prize and obviously, the perks that come with it.

Suppose you have goals of being a respected Marketing Director at one of the top agencies in South Africa. With a fancy corner office, working flexible hours and driving the car of your choice, not your circumstances. You’d wake up every morning and thank God for having given you the wisdom to trust the process and stay humble no matter the heights. While doing that, you’d be distracted by an angelic voice, “Good morning Honey” and the sounds of your two children getting ready for school. Everything in this part of the picture would look perfect.

Comrades deflect a threat that comes soaring down to fight us, it could be me or it could be you. Deflect a peril; the color they despise shall dominate, although in darkness demise stalks when my soul is afraid, it grips under wings of reminiscences like a current power, memories give you forte.

Sometimes life is so difficult that you feel like giving up is the only option. Life sometimes will make you feel that even the people who tell you that you can still do it are just saying so because they don’t understand what you’re going through. You can go through difficulties and hard times but don’t allow your current situation to stop you to dream. Hard times can’t stop you to move on. Hard times are there to build you and train you to be a strong person.

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