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According to the dictionary Rejection can be defined as the act of pushing someone or something away. One may experience rejection from one's family of origin, a friend, or a romantic partner, and the resulting emotions can often be painful. Rejection might be experienced on a large scale or in small ways in everyday life.


I describe Rejection as a blessing in disguise; allow me today to share with you how?

Most of us, if not all of us in our life time have encountered rejection in one way or the other.

I will start with the most popular one

Social media, we are all victims of this because we use this daily. How many times do you post something with the hope of getting likes and comments but in turn you either get a few likes from those 2 friends who feel pity for you or sometimes the comments are so negative. You even wish never to post again and you even start doubting yourself.

Relationships, either from family, friends, lovers, marriages, teachers, mentors, business partners, colleagues - many of us have been rejected by close family members for various reasons, either they have hurt us physical or by words spoken like “you can never amount to anything” You can not do anything “, either out of anger this can be scar that can be carried for years or till death if not resolved .

I remember how my English teacher never gave me an opportunity in class to read, she would say “you not good enough”, those words I will never forget but that they gave birth to my love of poetry and writing.

I know if I ask how many times you were dumped by some girl or boy I will probably write a book. But look at you now, I’m sure you better of without them  

How many times do we send business proposals, curriculum vitaes and we don’t get a response or we get Reject letters. Ask @djsbu Sibusiso Leope

I have been fired before and I know that feeling I don’t wish it on anyone but that pain has birthed about an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and business owner. I know many successful leaders who would testify to this.

Biblical Jesus, Joseph and David are just few of examples that were rejection by family , friend and community.

Imagine someone who you look up just dies or commits suicide when you need them the most, you feel lost and rejected.

As much as rejection is painful but how you deal with it unfortunately is all up to you. Your attitude plays a huge role. With forgiveness rejection can be easy to deal with.

If you look at it positively rejection is not a bad event of your life; it opens new avenues and give freedom to try alternate things.

Rejection can make you better or bitter, a quitter or Achiever, an Abuser or a great lover. The experience of rejection directs, rewrites, renews, repurposes, rebirths and restores.

Remember whoever rejects you relieves you of a burden, stay motivated always and in times of rejection go back to your manufacturer, check your worth, and it’s where you will get repaired. Never take rejection personal, it’s for your promotion.  

Written By Clint Shylet N @shynoma 8-May-2017


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