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A couple of weeks ago I met a lady who also runs her own business. Nothing strange as I meet a lot of ladies who own businesses all the time. What I found strange though was the name of her business which at first seeing it you would think the business is a financial institution when it actually isn’t. After a few exchange of words, I suggested she rebrands. Firstly because the business doesn’t resonate with the services she offers but also because when she bought the building it was already named and she just continued with the name.

I am a journalist and one of the first questions we ask of brands during interviews is why such a name, unless you use your birth name as a brand. The reason for asking is not just to break the ice but also to establish identity. My business name is Chronicles Media Group not only because Chronicles means telling stories but because it is a constant reminder of how I found my identity. About three years ago I decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Before the idea hit me, I worked for a certain publication. I was basically writing an entire publication alone and that included sourcing content, conducting interviews, writing, editing etc.

I am such a perfectionist and at the same time I’ve always battled with anxiety since I was a teenager. On the days where anxiety hits I have always found solace in the bible. One day when I was contemplating writing a resignation letter, I found myself paging through the book of Chronicles. On this pages I met a man who’s name grabbed my attention because every time I read the name I had to repeat it a couple of times since it was difficult for me to pronounce. This man’s name was Chenaniah. To cut the long story short, Chenaniah was a skilful singer who was circumstantially set apart to use his gift of singing to glorify God. When God decided the singing season in Chananiah’s life was over, he was called to use his gift of leadership.

Chananiah’s story taught me that we spend a lot of time identifying ourselves with what we can do for other people instead of what we can do for ourselves. Even with all this knowledge and experiences that I have gathered throughout the years, I was contemplating moving from one job to another instead of starting my own thing. Chenanaih’s story was a turning point I desperately needed to encounter. With that said a week later I started setting up my own business and with that Chronicles Media Group was born. Chronicles because that was the book that revealed my purpose to me.

Though my journey in Entrepreneurship has been harder than I had anticipated, I continue soldiering on because it has helped me find me. It’s a tough thorny road but so far the successes outweighs the failures. Each day brings new lessons, some bitter and some have had me jumping with joy but nonetheless I keep learning. The biggest lesson I have learnt so far it’s that always choose happiness to the detriment of the crowd.


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