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Integrity means the quality of being honest, truthful and having strong moral principles. I believe it is also a fundamental pillar of one’s character. In this day and age a lot of people struggle to walk with integrity. It is easy to make promises, particularly in times of excitement and good feelings.  But most times, the circumstances under which we have to fulfill those promises might be a far cry from what they were when we made them.  When the time comes to go through with what we said, it might no longer be easy and convenient.  Integrity is therefore one’s capacity to keep one’s promises, even when it’s not convenient.

As a born again Christian I believe, to walk in integrity does not mean that you are flawless or perfect.  But it means that you admit your shortcomings. As a person of integrity one does not try to cover up their mistakes with more results, but rather owns up to them and makes amends where necessary.

One is not born with integrity; it is something that is developed inside us as we grow. It is connected to our morals, character and the way that we see the world around us. Whether or not we have integrity in our society, primarily lies in our own hands, that is why we are responsible for ensuring that we are not only instilling an integrity like mind in our society but we must develop it.

Here are three reasons why we should walk with integrity in 2017:-

Trust – When one is a person of integrity, their personal and professional relationships will be genuine and the people around them will trust them with anything.

Responsible - When one has integrity, people give them higher level responsibilities because they will know and feel that one will always do the right thing.

Authentic – With integrity, one is looked at as a real, genuine person with class. People with high integrity always feel good about their choices.

Walking with integrity requires one to cultivate a love for integrity. I believe personal passion and love for integrity is the greatest motivation and drive for integrity.  In order to walk in integrity, you must love it. Your associations also matter, so mind your company.  According to the word of God, ‘He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.’  Proverbs 13:20.  Associate with people with impeccable integrity, sincerity and honesty.  Spend time with them, develop under their influence. 

In conclusion, doing what is right and not what is easy is walking with integrity.

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